June 10th

“dont leave me,” I joked as we hugged goodbye.
I joked and I was serious. Part of me was ok with letting go, the other part really didn’t want to. In a perfectly perfect world, I’d get to see him more often. But he’s a libra, and he’s the wind, and he has to go. His own life has to continue, yeah? Mine too.
We met and talked as we walked. I told him all the things that crossed my mind. Some of those things didnt even make sense but thats ok. We can fill the spaces with as much silliness as we want. He jokes about too many things, the jiggle the girl’s butts, the faces of the people we pass, movie things, music things. We had coffee and he’s mortified by the amount of sugar I pour in. He’s laughing and Im laughing and its pretty much perfect. 
I can’t have days like this often, so maybe I appreciate it more. I want to be cool about it but he knows me too well for that. And, lets face it, he isnt cool either. He’s openly warm and dazzling, crooked tooth and all. 
“You dont belong in Brooklyn,” he says. “Its your year.” I’ll be 24 in July. “Its our time!” I say. “Its our time down here!” He responds. Goonies.
I believe him, at least a little. Sometimes Im not confident at all. Ive been getting better at understanding my own worth. Im less shy. 
We hugged twice. We said goodbye. Till next time…

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