I doubt I have the time
People tell me I do but I dont believe it
So much to do with this single life of mine
And I dont have the time
Reading, writing, doing
My thoughts are filled with to-dos
Gotta fall in love with myself, this earth, people
Live within the limits of this precious planet
How do I do these things? 
I hit the ground running
Then I stumbled into a bush
There’s a clock somewhere 
that keeps haunting my dreams
He laughs at my setbacks
There no time to bring it back
Im going through a crisis
Im already 23
24, 25, 26, 30, 32, 40
How quickly can I get these things done
Im already so tired
Dont fail, dont forget to breathe 
So many things are falling out of my hands
I want to cry
But who has time for that either?

Who has time…. to cry.


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