She slept with my ex. And then I forgive her. It wasn’t enough for me to lose her. He wasn’t worth it. One mistake wasn’t worth it.

She spent valentines day with him.

Is it worth losing a friend over? I don’t know this time. All I have is a sneaking feeling that it isn’t right. How many mistakes does someone make before they learn a lesson?

Is he worth losing me over? So starved for love that you don’t car where it comes from anymore. It makes me sick.

I bet he tells her she’s wonderful.

That’s only half true.

He’ll tell anyone that.

He’ll fuck you senseless I bet. Because I know it. Because I’ve felt it.

But it isn’t worth it.

I texted her. Asked her not to see him.

I asked for a promise.

…and then she never replied.


3 thoughts on “Betrayal

  1. Why waste your time on people who clearly don’t care about you anyways? Why let them control you?

    One time is a mistake, two times is a habit, three times is a trend.

    Best wishes to you.

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