Thank You, Friend

Had a long talk with a friend of mine. It was 3AM. God knows we had things to do in the morning but sometimes girls need girl talk. And girls need 3AM emotional support. We need to vent and sigh about the things that were out of our control. How we’d still be with him if he’d just gotten his act together. That one him that you’ll secretly continue to love but have had enough of. Every woman has a “him.” A he who shall not be named, well, because when we say “him” we already know who you are talking about. Ah. that’s girl talk, and I love it. Nothing makes me feel more connected to another person than giggling at their messages at absurd times of the day. Because that requires a certain kind of love that actually loves back. And I’ll keep thanking her for that, for being so amazing and caring and ridiculously adorable.


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