He used to mean a lot to me
He used to mean the world
And I used to think that would never change
I remember telling him that I trusted him
And that it was my lack of faith that made me hesitate
I feel disgusted when I think of him
Wild, and loose, and horny
What a dog
What a swine

I don’t love him anymore
Because it used to be
“I love you” but
“I’m not ready”
Now it’s “I love you”
But he wants to fuck my friends too

Disgusting, disgusting
One day he’ll feel it too
The sting of being played like a drum
Beat on. I have no patience for this
No love for a man with no love for me
No respect for me
Hiding dirt behind paint
I have eyes that see pass that

And I see you
So perfectly broken
Without a conscious or a soul
I can’t protect you from your faults
I wanted to once
But that was before
And this is now
And now I hate you

So be shallowed up
Let that darkness consume you
There is no way out
You’re just a bad person
You don’t care about the people who cared for you

Selfish, mother fucking, bitch
You don’t care
So I won’t care
I won’t think nothing of you


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