heartbroken souls…

And I mean heartbroken like… the sun has just risen and they’ve scurried for cover. Hiding behind locked doors and brick walls because its just too fucking painful. They don’t want to warm up, they don’t want to be reminded… not again, not again, because they know that feeling. They’ve been kissed and lied to in the same breath and its just so sinful. Everything, everyone, has turned their backs on them and they’d rather go straight to hell than… if… again… again… they’re thrown away. By their mothers, their fathers, their sisters and their brothers, their lovers and the friends who dared to walk away only after seeing their scars. Perfect, beautiful scars, reminding them of the past, tying a noose around their neck, forcing them to the ground. Oh god. You’re sensitive and it hurts. And it useless now maybe. But I love you. And I’ll take you crying, and sobbing, and finally laughing. Because… because laughing is beautiful too. And friendship, and love, and you and me. 

All I have is myself. Come into me and go into the light. It won’t hurt, it won’t cut. I swear.



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