Foolish (6th note)

I can’t know what he wants

Besides the lusty stare
What the hell else is there?
I try to smile, and maybe it works
But I’m breaking
Darling, I’m breaking 
I cried to a song today
Your song 
I can’t say why 
I’m filled and overflowing 
What can I do now?
I have no power
I have no faith
My throat is tight 
I’m hardly breathing 
But you don’t speak to me
Not with your heart, or the feelings locked in it 
All I can touch is your body
All I get to have is just that
I love you so much 
I really do
So give me more
I’m tired if clawing at an space between us
Lets close this distance 
Run to me 
I’ll run to you
Full of lust
Full of cum
You’ll touch me
And then you’ll walk away
Stay close and want me more
It’s lonely and suffocating here
Another minute is fine
Maybe even a day
But I’m afraid to use my voice more
I don’t want to throw myself into this ocean
I don’t swim good
I really don’t 
And if I can’t see you swimming
I’d be the only fool
I don’t want to be the only fool

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