Early Morning

This early morning is colder than before
I wonder if its because Im alone now
that I had come to noticing
Its silly only showing colours when your not around to see them
Im sorry for not letting you that time

Though I was walking as usual
My fingertips ached
longing to reach out to you
I want to hold your hand
Its because your not here that I had realized this about me

The leaves have fallen
The trees are colourless and distant
faces move passed me without noticing my frown
I used to be like them
But now I see every face
I want them to see me
Why is emotion lost behind so much concrete?

Its because your not here
that I know the feeling of loneliness
Though I had been cruel
I still want to understand…
how else can love save me?

I looked out one early morning
Its cold though its not winter as yet
Where are you now?

I suppose its too late to return the favor
But if you come back… I’ll tell you
without fear, without doubt
That I love you.

I learned to be strong because of you
I know I’d been silly,
only showing my colours after you’ve gone


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