My body aches
My heart stops
My hands shake
And then I laugh

Its crazy to think
that Im this crazy about you
You’re the kind of special
thats not found in every lifetime

Whats precious to me
is much more than what was said
its more han what we did
and how our bodies connected

Whats percious to me
is the silence we shared when you looked at me
and deep in your eyes I found peace
its that even when you’re far away
I can feel it when you think of me

I break down
I feel frustrated
I pretend I dont care
and then call myself stupid
Its so like me to be so fussy

Who else in this world
is going to make me crazier than you do?
..to make me happier than you do?

I stumble on my words
and Ive been stumbling through this life,
moving in and out of beautiful and ugly
I never thought there would be
someone I wanted to be perfect for
Someone I truly wished to hold onto…


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