What you offered me
with that casual smile
isnt faded and old
though a year has passed
Im still clinging to it

Why is it you traveled up to the sky
where my own two feet cant run to
Who can I blame
when Ive become so hopeless?

I took the familiar steps back to your house
The seasons are different but the concrete
on the ground hadn’t changed
no matter how much time passes.
With a crushing tightness in my chest..
I thanked the concrete for enduring, remaing, here
The path to your house will be my only salvation

I walked up the stairs and opened the door
Your bed is made up perfectly
and your clothes haven’t left your closet…
The scent of you brought me to tears.

The clock on your dresser stopped,
the battery died.

Even if I cried, no one would have come.
No one’s home.
Even if I replaced the battery,
you wouldn’t use it would you?
Does time reach you
in heaven?

We laughed and said good bye as usual
Maybe if I knew… I would have hugged you…
I would have told you
you mean the world to me

I replaced the battery
sat on the bed
and stared at the clock.
Time is passing
the clock told me so clearly.
But within the spaces of the bed where you used to sleep
the kitchen where you cooked
and your bathroom with the porcelain tub…
time stopped when the battery died.


HEAVEN I actually exist. I just dont love it as much as this one.


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