To say I was captivated
it wasn’t enough
In his words
that I embraced
there was more than truth
It was warm.
unexpectedly so.
Like a warm day
in the middle of winter
His rhyming words
consumed me
A kiss on my forehead
we said good bye
My hands were shaking
Sorry, Ive been nervous
the entire time.
Ive been nervous
I learned once
the truth can turn into a lie
Give enough time
faithful turns to unfaithful
beautiful turns into ugly
men turn into boys
silly boys who break things
with their clumsy hands
and play in dirt on sunny afternoons
This truth
that Ive
fallen for
I might wake up
and find that my truth
had been nothing
but temporary.
It would have been me
who was the crazy one
Sorry, on the way home
I started to doubt
that you even existed.
My fingertips were numb
Its still January
Today wasn’t warm at all
My memory faded.
Its still cold out, freezing.
But the place on my forehead
where his lips placed a gentle kiss
is still tying me down to my dream
back into his gravity
and forcing me to breathe his air.


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